December 5, 2021

Crossing Africa – en route to Lusaka

Saturday 17 September 2011 – On the way to Lusaka

This morning Chantal and Arjan our Dutch neighbours at Mooring’s Campsite kindly invited us to join them for breakfast.

These two completed an amazing trip starting off in November 2010 and ending in February 2011. During this time they travelled all the way from Amsterdam to Lusaka in their Landrover vehicle and then left it at friends to return back home. They came back to Lusaka the week before this one, started up the Landy again and now they are spending their honeymoon in Zambia. Their plan is to eventually travel all the way to Cape Town this way.

This is such a clever way to travel through Africa, especially if you only have a few weeks at a time to take some time off. This has enabled them to travel all the way through Africa and still have permanent jobs. It is so simple, yet it has never crossed my mind before.

It was also great to discuss the road ahead and Chantal who is super organised gave us some great tips for campsites up to Egypt. Her notes contained valuable information each with their own personalised description and details. I swear she even wrote when the smell of the latrines were too much to handle! I was so impressed and took photos with my cell phone of all her notes to have a look at later.

Chantal’s notes

With a strong head wind today it took us a while to complete the 180 km to Lusaka, but it was an interesting road and we enjoyed riding through Mazabuka and Kafue. At Mazabuka we also had a quick break and I chatted to one of the petrol attendants (a lady). As I hopped back on the bike, she said to me: “You have a nice structure!”. I had to laugh and wasn’t sure if she was referring to the bike or to me. Francois was curious and asked her what she meant and with the show of hands she explained that I had a healthy African figure. It was a compliment I proudly took.

We went through a few police checkpoints, but all the police we met in Zambia were very friendly and we had no hassles along the way. We also found the people of Zambia really relaxed and  welcoming. After a few roundabouts through Lusaka we found our way and reached the Heyns’ house where we will be spending some time with Carin’s parents who permanently reside here in Lusaka. Carin is Peter’s wife, the owner of Motomia. They have been so supportive of our journey. Elsa, Carin’s mother, spoiled us with the most delicious food. We also thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in a ‘real’ bed for a change.